Topps Launches GPK Republican National Convention Online Set

artgpk-stic-16gpaprc-cs-setWith the Republican National Convention beginning today you knew Topps would be back to the presidential candidate cards. Sure enough today Topps launched the Garbage Pail Kids American As Apple Pie Republican National Convention set. This online only set consists of 5 new characters available in both a/b two card sets for $9.99. Or you can purchase the entire 10 card set for $29.99. Free shipping is being offered with the SmartPost shipping selection. Like the other online sets this one will be available for 7 days, until 7/25 at 12:00 PM Eastern time. Also as with the previous sets Topps will announce the print run on their Blog after the sale ends. With the Democratic National Convention a week away will another set be coming soon? Here is the checklist and images for the set:

  • 1A: Donald Dictator
  • 1B: Tyrant Trump
  • 2A: Compliant Chris
  • 2B: Craving Christie
  • 3A: Tender Ted
  • 3B: Caring Cruz
  • 4A: Perturbed Paul
  • 4B: Reluctant Ryan
  • 5A: Clint Wood Chair
  • 5B: Empty Eastwood

5 Replies to “Topps Launches GPK Republican National Convention Online Set”

  1. Not yet, Topps hasn’t posted the numbers yet. I’m think they will post the republican and democratic numbers at the same time.

  2. I just really wish that a Company as big as Topps would actually do what they say they are going to do. Their print run publishing has been very weak and slow to say the least!