Topps Reveals Print Run for GPK Presidential Losers Set

artgpk-stic-16gpkpl-cs-set.pngTopps announced the print run today for their GPK Apple Pie Presidential Losers set. This 20 card set was sold on Topps website last week during a 48 hour period. This set continued Topps summer run of offering presidential election themed set, however this time the front runners and most popular cads were not included. Here is the print run as revealed on Topps Blog:

1a/b Little Marco/Rube Rubio: 177
2a/b Conquered Chris/Christie Creamed: 182
3a/b Brainwashed Ben/Conditioned Carson: 178
4a/b Jobless Jeb/Booted Bush: 177
5a/b Ranting Rand/Paranoid Paul: 177
6a/b Canned Carly/Fired Fiorina: 177
7a/b Rick Ruse/Perry Ploy: 177
8a/b Maniacal Mike/Heinous Huckabee: 177
9a/b Loves War Lindsey/Grenade Graham: 177
10a/b Frothy Rick/Savaged Santorum: 177

As has been the case with the last few sets this group of cards set another new sales low for the online exclusive sets. With the exception of the Chris Christie card none of the others broke the 180 mark. Without Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton in the set it failed to grab as much interest as previous sets. Look for Topps to continue offering presidential sets through the November election.