Topps Launches GPK Presidential Losers Online Set

artgpk-stic-16gpkpl-cs-set.pngHow does Topps fill the space until the election in November? They offer a 10 subject Presidential Losers set. Topps today began offering GPK American As Apple Pie Presidential Losers cards exclusively online. The set is made up of 10 presidential candidates that have long since dropped out of the race. Many subjects have yet to appear in the previous presidential sets and all cards feature new artwork. Each candidate is available as a two card a/b set for $9.99 or the entire 20 card set can be purchased for $49.99. As with the last couple of online sets these will be on sale for 48 hours. Topps is advertising the cards will be pulled down at 4:00 PM Eastern on 6/8.

Here is the complete checklist along with photos of the cards:

1A: Little MARCO
1B: Rube RUBIO
2A: Conquered CHRIS
3A: Brainwashed BEN
3B: Conditioned CARSON
4A: Jobless JEB
4B: Booted BUSH
5A: Ranting RAND
5B: Paranoid PAUL
6A: Canned CARLY
7A: RICK Ruse
7B: PERRY Ploy
8A: Manaical MIKE
8B: Heinous HUCKABEE
9A: Loves War LINDSEY
9B: Grenade GRAHAM
10A: Frothy RICK
10B: Savaged SANTORUM