Topps Announces Print Run for GPK Prime Slime TV Preview Set

artgpk-stic-16gpkps-cs-setTopps today announced the print run for their online exclusive preview set for Garbage Pail Kids Prime Slime Trashy TV. The 10 card set was available for 48 hours last week exclusively on Topps website. Like the other GPK entertainment and presidential candidate sets Topps continued to label this under their Series 1 American As Apple Pie banner despite this being a preview for their Series 2 set due later this year. Here is the print run as announced on the Topps Blog:

1a Orange Gina/1b Imprisoned Piper: 182
2a Screamin’ Stu/2b Pierced Piper: 182
3a Beatrice the Beast/3b Catty Catherine: 183
4a American Ninja Warren/4B KAL R Competition: 183
5a Undercover Bo/5b Bossy Bobby: 182

This set is a new low in sales numbers for the exclusive online set, selling just below the previous Hall of Lame set. It will be interesting to see how far Topps continues this summer with these online exclusive sets as the release nears for the Series 2 set on 10/5.

One Reply to “Topps Announces Print Run for GPK Prime Slime TV Preview Set”

  1. I can’t imagine they made much off this last sorry a$$ online set.
    If 182 full sets were sold plus the 2 pairs = 182*29.99+2*9.99 = $5,478.16
    Shipping cost hit = assume 183 different addresses = Smart post $6.72 * 183 = -$1,229.76
    Artists paid.. $600-$800?? Maybe more? 5 * $700 = -$3,500
    That leaves only $750 to print and manage.
    Even with these very rough estimates, this set didn’t give them much.
    Maybe they are only using it as a way to keep staff busy until the next actual set is ready to work on and to keep a tiny bit of work for the artists?

    I joined the Mars Attacks Kickstarter and REALLY enjoyed the TONS of posts, explanation, and process updates in how that set was made. I wish they would use that guy to make GPK. Be open, explain things, share in how GPKs are produced.

    Hope they stop with American Pie, and with the Online only sets.
    And stop with the crappy quality and crappy art!!
    TURN DOWN BAD ART.. Don’t Use it!