Topps Launches Exclusive Online Prime Slime TV Preview Set

artgpk-stic-16gpkps-cs-setJust a few weeks ago Topps announced the next regular Garbage Pail Kids release Prime Time Trashy TV, set to release in stores on 10/5/16. Today via the Topps Store, Topps launched a preview set for the new series, 2016 GPK American As Apple Pie In Your Face Prime Slime TV. That’s a mouthful! Topps decided to release this preview set under the Apple Pie banner as they have been doing with other online sets these past few months.This set contains 5 new cards based on popular TV shows. Each card can be purchased in an a/b pair for $9.99 or the entire set can be purchased for $29.99. This time around Topps is giving everyone 48 hours to purchase the new cards. In fact their store says the cards will be taken down at 12:00 PM (EST) on 5/27. Once again Topps stated the print run for this set will be revealed on their Topps Blog.

Here is the checklist and images for the new online offering:

1a. Orange Gina
1b. Imprisoned Piper
2a. Screamin’ Stu
2b. Pierced Piper
3a. Beatrice and the Beast
3b. Catty Catherine
4a. American Ninja Warren
4b. KAL R. Competition
5a. Undercover Bo
5b. Bossy Bobby