Topps Launches Exclusive Online Prime Slime TV Preview Set

artgpk-stic-16gpkps-cs-setJust a few weeks ago Topps announced the next regular Garbage Pail Kids release Prime Time Trashy TV, set to release in stores on 10/5/16. Today via the Topps Store, Topps launched a preview set for the new series, 2016 GPK American As Apple Pie In Your Face Prime Slime TV. That’s a mouthful! Topps decided to release this preview set under the Apple Pie banner as they have been doing with other online sets these past few months.This set contains 5 new cards based on popular TV shows. Each card can be purchased in an a/b pair for $9.99 or the entire set can be purchased for $29.99. This time around Topps is giving everyone 48 hours to purchase the new cards. In fact their store says the cards will be taken down at 12:00 PM (EST) on 5/27. Once again Topps stated the print run for this set will be revealed on their Topps Blog.

Here is the checklist and images for the new online offering:

1a. Orange Gina
1b. Imprisoned Piper
2a. Screamin’ Stu
2b. Pierced Piper
3a. Beatrice and the Beast
3b. Catty Catherine
4a. American Ninja Warren
4b. KAL R. Competition
5a. Undercover Bo
5b. Bossy Bobby

Topps Launches Posters for Recent Online Sets

ARTGPKLE-POS-16GPAP-1126-GOLD-S-2Topps on Friday launched new online exclusive 10 X 14 posters for the latest American as Apple Pie online sets. Posters are now being offered of the same artwork from the Mega Tuesday Presidential Candidates set, the April Primaries Presidential Candidates set, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Lame set. All cards can be purchased as a base white border poster for $19.99 each. While special 1 of 1 gold border posters can be purchased for $99.99. Topps had offered posters for their previous online exclusive sets, while some still remain for sale from past sets. Posters can be purchased at Topps online store.

30 Years of Garbage World Premier Announced

30yearsFresh off launching the official trailer for the Garbage Pail Kids documentary, 30 Years of Garbage, the producers announced today the World Premier. The film is set to debut July 1, 2016 in New York City at the Anthology Film Archives. Cast and crew of the film will be on hand for the premier. 30 Years of Garbage chronicles the Garbage Kids story from the first sets, to the movie, and the extreme collections from around the world. You can purchase tickets for the premier or pre order the DVD at their website now.

Official Trailer for 30 Years of Garbage Released

30yearsThe folks behind the 30 Years of Garbage documentary released the official trailer for the film today. The film started by producers June Gonzales, Joe Simko, and Jeff Zapata is nearing the finish line after it was first offered as an project over 18 months ago. The documentary is aiming to cover the 30 years of Garbage Pail Kids history. From the inception of the card line, to the Garbage Pail Kids movie, to controversies surrounding the cards, and even showing off some of the huge GPK collections around the world. Many artists, actors, and super fans were interview for the film.

The film does not yet have a release date, although the producers have mentioned a June/July timeframe for the release of the DVD. They also said a date for the World Premier located in New York City would be announced soon. To keep up to date on 30 Years of Garbage visit their Indiegogo page.

2016 Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 Prime Slime Trashy TV Retail Sell Sheet

image002Last week we posted information on the Hobby/Collector Sell Sheet for the newly announced, 2016 GPK Series 2 Prime Slime Trashy TV. As retailers begin posting the new set for pre-orders we now have the Retail Sell Sheet. Based on the retail sell sheet for 2016 GPK Series 2 Prime Slime Trashy TV, Topps looks to be following the same formula they did in the 2016 Series 1 Apple Pie set.

The usual retail inserts and parallels will once again appear. The Green Puke parallel is back at one per retail pack, in addition the Fools Gold parallel will be found throughout all pack types and will be # /50. Artist Autographs and Printing Plates will also be found through out all pack types. While regular sized artist sketch cards will be randomly inserted into all retail packs.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 8.35.59 PMTopps decided to continue the Bathroom Buddies/Gross Bears reprints in Series 2. As with the AAAP release there will be two different Blaster Boxes. “EA” Boxes will contains 3 different Bathroom Buddies cards, while “SE” Blaster boxes will contain three different Gross Bears cards. Also like the previous release, Topps will be randomly inserting artist Loaded Puzzle Sketch Cards in Blaster boxes. These 4 card sketch cards featured some of the best work in 2016’s first GPK series.

Blister packs which were sold in Wal-Mart and Toys R Us with the Series 1 release will also return. This time new versions of Adam Bomb/Boom will be found in Blister packs only called, Adam Bomb Your TV Stickers.

Also returning is Fat Packs. These packs will contain 18 base cards, 2 Puke parallels, and 2 Classic Rerun Stickers. No information yet on the set size for the Classic Rerun stickers, but Series 1 offered an 18 card Patriots set in a similar fashion. Another draw for the Fat Packs is this is the only place to find single artist Panoramic Sketch cards.

As you can see Topps is going with the same formula in Series 2 as they used in Series 1 for 2016. The only thing we don’t know yet is if the Yellow Pee borders will continue as a Target Gravity Feed exclusive. 2016 Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 Prime Slime Trashy TV is set to hit stores on 10/5.

You can dins a PDF version of the Retail Sell Sheet here, or see pictures below.

16_Garbage Pail Kids Trash TV_RETAIL[3]

16_Garbage Pail Kids Trash TV_RETAIL[3]2

16_Garbage Pail Kids Trash TV_RETAIL[3]3

16_Garbage Pail Kids Trash TV_RETAIL[3]4

16_Garbage Pail Kids Trash TV_RETAIL[3]5

Topps Announces Print Run for GPK Hall of Lame Set

setTopps today announced the print run for their Garbage Pail Kids Hall of Lame set based off of this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. The set went on sale 4/8 and was set to be removed after the Rock and Roll HOF ceremony aired on HBO on 4/30. Topps decided to keep the sets up until, 5/3. Despite being on sale for almost 4 weeks the Hall of Lame set was the lowest selling set of the recently offered online exclusive American As Apple Pie sets. Here are the print runs as announced on Topps Blog.

Tricked Rick/Cheap Carlos 219
Crazy Kid/Rock the Boat 192
Eazy Does It/Errant Eric 191
Ice’d Cube/Cold Cube 191
Ear Doctor Dre/N.W. Andre 190
Duplicative Dan/Poser Patrick 187
Chicago Away!/On the Lamm 187
Dunked Deep/Pyro Purple 186
Kudos Kendrick/Lauded Lamar 185
Struck Steve/Mangled Miller 185

Only one card cracked 200, with the lowest at 185. Historically the entertainment based online sets have sold less than the presidential candidates set. The Hall of Lame kids set a new low sales mark for online exclusives. Topps has promised to continue online exclusive sets especially with the Presidential Candidates as the election draws closer.