Topps Announces Print Run for April Primaries Presidential Candidates Set

ARTGPK-STIC-16GPKA-CS-SETSales ended yesterday on for the 5th online Presidential Candidates, and 8th American As Apple Pie online exclusive set, April Primaries. This time around Topps with with a 48 hour window for the five subject, ten card set. As promised Topps posted the print run information via their Topps Blog. Once again Donald Trump comes out on top.

Donald Trump: 288
Hillary Clinton: 276
Ted Cruz: 270
Bernie Sanders: 270
Josh Kasich: 269

Despite being on sale for 48 hours, this is the smallest of the print runs for the Presidential Candidate online sets Topps has offered. This is right in line with the entertainment themed sets. Topps has promised they will continue offering Presidential Candidates on through the election. Only a matter of time before the Vice President candidates get included.