Topps Reveals Print Run for GPK Not-Scars Set

leoLeonardo Dicaprio was a big winner at the Oscars this past weekend, but did he also come home with a Not-Scar? Topps online sale went live just a couple of hours before the Oscars aired. First announced as a 24 hour sale, Topps allowed the cards to be sold online for over 36 hours. It took a few days, but as promised Topps released the print run for all cards offered as part of th Not-Scars set. And the Not-Scar goes to…

Leonardo DiCaprio – 280
Matt Damon – 262
Bryan Cranston – 254
Jennifer Lawrence – 253
Tom Hardy – 253
Christian Bale – 252
Chris Rock – 252
Kate Winslet – 252
Michael Fassbender – 252

Despite being on sale the longest of the special 24 hour sales, the Not-Scars set compared in sales to the Grammy parody set the Shammys. Both sets will be more limited than their political counterparts.