Topps Reveals Print Run for GPK Mega Tuesday Presidential Candidates Set

ARTGPK-STIC-16GPAP-MT-SET01Collector interest seems to be subsiding in the special Presidential online sets Topps has sold over the last few weeks. Topps revealed the print run for the GPK Mega Tuesday Presidential Candidates set on their blog. The numbers show this to be the lowest presidential set bought so far, despite the sale lasting twice as long, 48 hours, as other sales and the 2 card candidate sets costing $7.50 this time. However the presidential cards still sell more than the Not Scars or Shammy sets. Donald Trump continues to be the largest purchased characters with both new cards leading the way. Here re the numbers released by Topps:

Dinky Donald: 377
Dodgy Donald: 353
Tasty Ted: 337
wanTED: 338
Hollering Hillary: 338
Copycat Clinton: 339
Scorching Sanders: 339
One Beat Bernie: 338

As previously mentioned by Topps brand manager, the Topps Blog article notes to, “Look for more exciting Garbage Pail Kids exclusive releases coming in the future.” Keep your eyes open for more presidential sets as the election continues.

Topps Launches GPK Mega Tuesday Presidential Candidates Set

ARTGPK-STIC-16GPAP-MT-SET01As promised over the weekend, Topps today launched the Mega Tuesday Presidential Candidates set online via their store. This time around there are 16 total cards in the set. Four candidates are represented by two different pieces of new artwork each with a/b versions. In a change from previous releases you can purchase each two card candidate set for $7.49, or you can purchase the entire 16 card set for $39.99.  In a change from previous sets they will only be on sale for 48 hours, and Topps has promised to reveal the print runs on their blog tomorrow. Topps is also offering free shipping on GPK products when spending over $100 during this time frame.

Here is a checklist of cards in the set along with the artwork.

    • 1a) Dinky Donald
    • 1b) Teeny Tiny Trump
    • 2a) Dodgy Donald
    • 2b) Trickster Trump
    • 3a) Tasty Ted
    • 3b) Chews Cruz
    • 4a) wanTed
    • 4b) Capricorn Cruz
    • 5a) Hollering Hillary
    • 5b) Shrillary Clinton
    • 6a) Replica Rodham Clinton
    • 6b) Copycat Clinton
    • 7a) Burnin Bernie
    • 7b) Scorching Sanders
    • 8a) One Beat Bernie
    • 8b) Single Note Sanders

Topps Offers GPK Not-Scars/Super Tuesday Posters

Much like they did with the Shammy’s and New Hampshire Presidential Card sets, Topps today added to their online store 10 x 14 posters for both the Not-Scars and Super Tuesday Presidential Candidates sets. As with the previous posters you can purchase the base white border version for $19.99 each or they also have special 1 of 1 Gold Border versions available for $99.99. Many of the gold versions have already been snapped up by collectors.

trumpposter2 goldleo

New GPK Presidential Candidates Set Coming Tuesday

The Topps GPK brand manager, Mark Von Ohlen, posted via Twitter today that there is another Presidential Candidates set coming this Tuesday with new art.


Here are the preview images posted of the new cards.

For those wondering how long Topps will be producing these special sets, the brand manager stated in Twitter comments that Topps would be following the election all year.


Topps Sending Replacement Posters/3×5 Sets to Customers

During the last month Topps has launched a number of online only Garbage Pail Kids products, mostly as 24 hour special sales. However, in the middle of those sales Topps offered 3×5 cards of Presidential Candidates Campaign Posters. Topps also offered posters of their Shammy and Presidential Candidates sets. There has been confusion among collectors as to what Topps shipped vs. what was being offered.

During the sale for the 3×5 Campaign Posters Topps offered both a base version numbered /199, and a gold version /49. Collectors were dismayed to find when they received these sets there was no numbering on the cards. Multiple collectors spoke with Topps customer service regarding the lack of numbering. Collectors were told various things from returning the sets to destroying the sets and sending Topps proof. Instead it looks like Topps has decided to send everyone who purchased those sets, replacement sets that are numbered. Customers began receiving tracking numbers this week, even if you haven’t spoken to Topps. Collector Eric Baker was one of the first to receive his replacement base set, and they are now stamped on the backs with numbers.


It would appear that there will now be two versions of these sets both base and gold, numbered and unnumbered. If purchasing on the secondary market be sure to know which version you are buying.

To add to the confusion, customers who purchased the Shammy and Presidential Gold 1/1 posters from Topps also began receiving additional copies of their posters in the mail this week. Both GPK collectors datdamonfoo and heehawes received another copy of their Gold 1/1 posters. The funny thing is their original posters were already hand numbered 1/1. So now they have two 1/1 posters. So it would appear the Gold posters being offered by Topps are not 1/1, be aware of additional copies on available on the secondary market.

posters posters2

Funko Announces GPK Vinyl Presidential Candidates Figures

Just when we thought the Topps license that Funko acquired last year was only related to the 30th anniversary, Funko surprised today with the announcement of two new Vinyl GPK figures. Funko has joined Topps on the political bandwagon this year, and announced they will make figures of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The Trump figure, Donald Dumpty, is based off a painting done by Joe Simko for the New Hampshire online set.


The Clinton figure, Billary Hillary, is based off a painting done by Brent Engstrom also for the New Hampshire online set.


Funko says both will come in a see through box for display purposes. No confirmation on the size yet of the figures. Funko plans to have these on store shelves by June of this year.

Topps Reveals Print Run for Super Tuesday GPK Presidential Candidates Set

imageDespite their second special 24 hour online GPK sale within a three day period, the Super Tuesday GPK Presidential Candidates Set proved to still be a hit with collectors. While selling less than the New Hampshire set, and half of the Iowa set, the Super Tuesday set still outsold the Not-Scar set by almost double. Political candidates are proving to be quite popular among GPK collectors. As with the primary results the best selling candidate cards show to be the leaders of each party. Here are the print runs for the Super Tuesday set as revealed by Topps via their Topps Blog.

Donald Trump – 508
Hillary Clinton – 477
Bernie Sanders – 475
Ted Cruz – 465
Marco Rubio – 465

Topps continues to receive mainstream press via Gizmoto subsite Toyland. As part of their article Toyland says this will be Topps last candidates for a few months. With former candidate Mitt Romney and New York Gov. Michael Bloomberg making noises about running, will Topps be able to hold off?

Topps Reveals Print Run for GPK Not-Scars Set

leoLeonardo Dicaprio was a big winner at the Oscars this past weekend, but did he also come home with a Not-Scar? Topps online sale went live just a couple of hours before the Oscars aired. First announced as a 24 hour sale, Topps allowed the cards to be sold online for over 36 hours. It took a few days, but as promised Topps released the print run for all cards offered as part of th Not-Scars set. And the Not-Scar goes to…

Leonardo DiCaprio – 280
Matt Damon – 262
Bryan Cranston – 254
Jennifer Lawrence – 253
Tom Hardy – 253
Christian Bale – 252
Chris Rock – 252
Kate Winslet – 252
Michael Fassbender – 252

Despite being on sale the longest of the special 24 hour sales, the Not-Scars set compared in sales to the Grammy parody set the Shammys. Both sets will be more limited than their political counterparts.

Topps Releases Super Tuesday GPK Presidential Candidates Set

imageJust two days offering the Not-Scars as a special 24 hour online exclusive, Topps is at it again. Early Tuesday afternoon Topps launched the Super Tuesday Presidential Candidates Set. This time there are 5 subjects with brand new artwork. Each subject can be purchased as a two card a/b set for $9.99, or the entire set can be purchased for $29.99. As with previous releases Topps will reveal the print run on their Topps blog after the sale is over. Here is the checklist along with pictures of the cards.

1a) Distressed Donald
1b) Terrified Trump
2a) Tabby Ted
2b) Kitty Cruz
3a) Mecha Marco
3b) Robotic Rubio
4a) Hand Puppet Hillary
4b) Crony Clinton
5a) Basket Bernie
5b) Slam Dunk Sanders