Topps Launches the Not-Scars, Oscars Parody Set

setTopps today launched a new online exclusive card set, the Garbage Pail Kids Not-Scars. This set is based off tonight’s Academy Of Motion Pictures awards ceremony, commonly referred to as the Oscars. Much like the Shammys set did with the Grammys, this set features 9 actors/actresses in brand new artwork. Each subject is offered in two card a/b sets for $9.99. Or you can purchased the entire 18 card set for $49.99. As with previous online sales this is a 24 hour only sale. Topps will announce the print run for the Not-Scars in their Blog tomorrow.

Here is the complete checklist, along with artwork of the cards.

  • 1a) “Splatt Matt”
  • 1b) “Disgusting Damon”
  • 2a) “Last Chance Leonardo”
  • 2b) “Desperate DiCaprio”
  • 3a) “Megalomanical Michael”
  • 3b) “Flipped Out Fassbender”
  • 4a) “Batty Bryan”
  • 4b) “Commie Cranston”
  • 5a) “Joyful Jennifer”
  • 5b) “Low Rinse Lawrence”
  • 6a) “Kate-Bit”
  • 6b) ” “Winning” Winslet”
  • 7a) “Confused Chris”
  • 7b) “Rattled Rock”
  • 8a) “Trapper Tom”
  • 8b) “Hot Rod Hardy”
  • 9a) “Crude Christian”
  • 9b) “Un-Christian Bale”