Collectors Flock to Purchase GPK Iowa Caucas Presidential Candidates Cards

imageCollectors came out in droves yesterday to purchase the special Iowa Caucas Presidential Candidate sets Topps offered online. Buoyed by mainstream media articles from and the NY Daily News, the 24 hour sale caused Topps website to crash and experience slowdowns for hours.

For the first time Topps ran this sale for 24 hours, saying that the print run of these cards would be determined by how many were sold. Early in the afternoon Topps released print run information on their Topps Blog. Here is the breakdown for print runs of the cards:

  • Jeb Bush – 1,061
  • Ben Carson – 1062
  • Bernie Sanders – 1082
  • Hillary Clinton – 1084
  • Donald Trump – 1174

There will be more than 1000 cards printed of this special parallel set, about 1/2 the print run of the Green Parallels found in the new 2016 set. If you missed out on the set copies have already started popping up on eBay.