Collectors Continue to Enjoy Presidential Candidates Sets

trumpnhTopps has shown they are all in on this year’s presidential race. Following a very successful Iowa Caucus online sale, Topps had another success with their 24 hour sale of the GPK New Hampshire Primart set. Upping the set size and price didn’t seem to dissuade many collectors. Buoyed by a new round of mainstream and social media press Topps made more money on the New Hampshire set than the Iowa one.

As promised  Topps announced print run information just a few hours after the special 24 hour sale ended. Once again, Donald Trump led the way, but all candidates were popular. Here are the print runs for each card:

Donald Trump: 758
Hilary Clinton: 729
Bernie Sanders: 722
Ted Cruz: 712
Chris Christie: 703
John Kasich: 699
Ben Carson: 698
Marco Rubio: 697
Jeb Bush: 696

Despite over 300 less of each card Topps actually grossed more due to the higher price point. Does Topps go for round 3 with South Carolina and Nevada, or do they wait until Super Tuesday? Regardless due to their success there are sure to be more Presidential Candidate sets in our future.