2016 GPK Apple Pie Blister Pack Odds

Just like the 30th Anniversary release Topps has created 3 pack Blister packs for the new 2016 GPK Apple Pie set. Blisters have been found so far at both Wal-mart and Toys R Us stores. In addition to getting 3 retail packs you get 2 special Adam Bomb/Boom cards. There are 4 cards in the special subset each with two different backs. So overall, you’ll need to collect 8 cards to get them all. Thanks to Randy Bagget for correcting my error. There are only 4 cards in the set, two with orange backs and two with yellow backs. Thanks to GPK collecter Adam for the pictures! Here are the odds:

Blister Pack Odds
Gold Dust 1:44
Printing Plate 1:1536
Artist Autograph 1:200
Sketch Card 1:266

Blister Front
Blister Odds
Different Adam Bomb/Boom Backs