2016 GPK Apple Pie Hobby/Collector Odds

Release day is upon us! 2016 Garbage Pail Kids As American as Apple Pie In Your Face finally releases 1/20/16. Collector and Hobby boxes have begun shipping out to collectors, and pack odds are below. Thanks to GPK collector Ke We for the Collector box odds, and Mikee Friesen for the Hobby odds! At first glance the odds for printing plates and sketches seems to be much lower than in year’s past. One other important note many parallels, autographs, patch, and relics are numbered for the first time in a regular GPK release. Previously, Topps only numbered parallels in the Chrome sets.

Collector Pack Odds
Spit 1:4
Bloddy Nose 1:3
Gold Dust 1:44
Printing Plate 1:241
Artist Autograph 1:65
Comic Cover 1:24
Horror Sticker 1:24
Shaped Sketch 1:144
Double Artist Panoramic Sketch 1:362
Patch Card 1:73
Artist Relic 1:61

Hobby Pack Odds
Spit 1:4
Gold Dust 1:44
Printing Plate 1:1536
Artist Autograph 1:200
Comic Cover 1:24
Horror Sticker 1:24
Shaped Sketch 1:158

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