Topps Releases New Garbage Pail Kids Binders w/ Promo Cards

Topps today released six new Garbage Pail Kids Collector’s Binders. They are doing things a little differently this time around. First off, Topps continued their GPK binder series and released binders 17-20 (17-Dead Ted, 18-Scotty Potty, 19-Brainy Janie, 20-Up Chuck). Topps announced that binders 17-20 are limited to 100 copies each, with a cost of $19.99. Additionally, Topps released the anticipated 30th Anniversary binder, coming in two variations. The Pink Adam Bomb 30th Binder comes with Promo card “Let Them Eat Kate”, while the Blue Adam Bomb 30th binder comes with the Promo card “Marie Baguette”. The 30th binders look to be limited to 400 copies and cost the same $19.99. Head over to Topps online shop to order yours now.

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Be a Garbage Pail Kid for Halloween

aligatorTopps worked hard this year to get as many GPK products on the market as they can to help celebrate the 30th anniversary. The last of these officially licensed products are Halloween masks made by Trick or Treat Studios. The company is offering 4 masks and 1 decoration in their GPK line. Ranging in price from $60-$80 these masks will allow you to be the only kid on your block dressed as a Garbage Pail Kid! They are offering Ali Gator, Bony Tony, Creepy Carol, and Zeke Freak as masks, and a Glowing Amber decoration for $50. Check out the links below to get your GPK on for Halloween this year!

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie Set for Re-release

Shout Factory announced a few weeks back that they would be re-releasing The Garbage Pail Kids Movie in Blu Ray format later this year. The live action movie was originally released in 1997. Generally regarded as one of the worst movies ever, the flick has gained somewhat of a cut following, especially among Garbage Pail Kids fans. You can see the cover art for the Blu Ray which was released this week. The Blu Ray is scheduled to be released on 12/8/15. To pre-order your very own The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (Collector’s Edition) go here.


Sell Sheet for 2016 Garbage Pail Kids Apple Pie Set

The sell sheet is out for Topps’s 2016 Garbage Pail Kids American as Apple Pie In Your Face set. Here’s a link to the PDF version, or you can scroll down. Some highlights I noticed:

  • Autographs look to be returning to the old way. Each card in the base set with an on card auto. However sell sheet says only 110 cards autographed. So maybe only the “A” cards will be auto’d. Each one limited to 25.
  • Sell Sheet says 440 Printing Plates? Again it looks like they are only going to do the “A” name for plates similar to the 30th set.
  • Parallels – Bruised (1 per Collector Pack) Black & Blue splats on border, Spit Splatter (Hobby /99) are Blue splats on border, and Bloody Nose (Collector /75) are red splats on border, Gold Dust (Found all packs /50).
  • “Bonus” sets return to 8 card sets. Comic Covers and Horror, one per box Hobby/Collector.
  • Duel Artist Panoramic Sketch cards! Two artists doing one card, interesting.
  • 6 card Relic set limited to /99 of each. Patch card set remains at 10 but /50 this time.