Parallels Surface for GPK Go HollyWood Comic

Updated 8/27 @ 9:47

The Black border Methane Max has finally surfaced. GPK collector Stephen Emery pulled a black border from his comic order from all the way in the U.K.! Now that all the parallels have been found, happy hunting everyone!


Almost a week after the release of the newest comic, Garbage Pail Kids Go Hollywood, colored parallels of the promo card finally have started to surface. Collectors busting the comic in the first week had pulled nothing but the base version of the Methane Max card found in the Deluxe version of the comic. However GPK collector Jeremiah Schauls broke that streak last night. Jeremiah purchased 8 of the Deluxe version from his local comic store and hit the jackpot. He pulled 7 yellow versions along with the very rare red version.

IDW’s lackluster distribution of the comics has continued since the first comic. IDW won’t shuffle the comics as they are distributed, therefore the same store will end up with batches of the same colored parallel, while all other stores get base versions. While there has been no confirmation yet from IDW in previous releases there were 10 copies of the red version and 100 copies of the yellow version of the card produced. In keeping with the previous comic released the reds/yellows are not numbered on the back. As of this update a Black version of the card has yet to surface. This article will be updated when a black surfaces.