Jumbo Pack Retail Odds for GPK 30th Set

Thanks to GPK collector Joey Robergelund who was the first to post a image of the Jumbo pack odds. You’ll find these packs in your local Target. Quite a bit of difference on the odds. You’ll notice the odds are 1/2 on everything compared to all the other packs. Since these Jumbo packs contain 21 cards, I believe Topps is considering them as 2 regular packs. Therefore, the odds are in half. You end up spending the same for the same odds basically. You will also see the Retail “bonus” cards are expanded this year. In each Jumbo pack comes a reprint from the 1986 Giant Series 2, a total of 15 cards. In the Blaster boxes the “bonus” card is a reprint from the 1986 Poster Set, a total of 18 cards.


Black 1:2
Gold 1:36
Printing Plate 1:758
Famous Movie Scene 1:2
Horror Movie 1:4
Super Fan Tattoo 1:6
Sketch Card 1:144
Autograph Card 1:122