GPK 30th Anniversary Cards Spotted in the Wild

Garbage Pail Kids collector Brent Fischer looks to be the first one to find the new GPK 30th cards in stores. He posted a picture of a gravity feed and pack odds to Facebook this morning. Retail odds look very similar to past releases. Two unannounced cards are listed on the pack odds. Something called a Poop-allel is listed at 1:12, and the usual retail only Green Border is listed at 1:2.


Retail odds:

Black 1:4
Green 1:2
Gold 1:72
Printing Plate 1:1516
Poop-allel 1:12
Famous Movie Scene 1:4
Horror Movie 1:8
Super Fan Tatoo 1:12
Sketch Card 1:288
Autograph Card 1:244

Everyone have fun hunting for this this weekend!