GPK 30th Production Part 2

collectoroddsThis is Part 2 of a study on how large the print run was in the Garbage Pail Kids 30th Anniversary set. If you missed part 1 you can go here to get caught up.

In the first article, based on information from the odds and sell sheets, I wrote about how many packs/boxes/cases were made for Hobby/Collector/Retail for the GPK 30th set.

We have 577,000 Retail Packs + 51,000 Hobby Packs + 41,000 Collector Packs = 669,000 Packs.

I’ll be using those numbers to attempt to figure how how many of each card/parallel were made. This can give you a good idea how tough a set will be to put together or how rare that last card you need for your rainbow is! As a reminder I had to use some educated guesswork and assumptions to come to these numbers. But I’m pretty sure we are in the ballpark.

So how many of each card was made? We aren’t able to answer this for all cards. Some of this is easy, Topps gave away this information on the sell sheet! According to the sell sheet there are 384 Italian Stamp Relics, 500 Die-Cut sketches, 19 Pen Relics, 15 total Triple Autos, 40 total Duel Autos, etc.

Other card types are impossible to figure out because not enough information is provided. For example on the retail side its not possible to determine how many Wal-Mart Blue parallels there are, or how many Poop-allels there are. While we know how many retail packs were made, we don’t know the break down between Gravity Feeds, Blasters, Jumbo, regular retail boxes, and Wal-Mart packs. We can only figure out print runs for things that have the same odds across all pack types or items in Hobby/Collector boxes.

Let’s start with Collector Boxes. The Collector Box inserts are easy to figure out:

Medallions: 41,000 Packs / 92 Odds = 445 total medallions / 6 = 75 of each medallion made. So at most only 75 collectors will have a set of these.

Barf Bags: 1708 Boxes / 1 per box (duh!) = 1708 total Barf Bags / 10 = 170 of each bag made.

Artist Relics: 41,000 Packs / 28 Odds = 1464 total relics / 4 or 5 (Its tough here because there are no odds for the “celebrity relic” so is it already part of the relic odds or is it separate? We don’t know.) = 366 or 292 of each relic depending on if Goldburg is included in the odds.

Loaded Sketch Cards: 41,000 Packs / 831 Odds = 49 Total Loaded Sketches

Let’s get Hobby boxes into the mix here as well. How many of the popular Foreign Legion cards are there?

Foreign Legion: 92,000 total packs / 24 odds = 3833 Total Foreign Legion cards / 10 = 383 of each Foreign Legion card made.

Now let’s grab all the odds and see how many parallel cards and the common inserts were made. Remember due to Topps confusing wording on packs, listed pack odds are actually 1/2 of what’s printed. I’ll be using the real odds in my numbers below. Also note when looking at these, the sell sheet says there are 85 copies of each Gold Border card.

Sepia/Pink Border Cards: 41,000 packs / 24 odds = 1708 total / 220 = 8 of each card made, and that’s with me rounding up! I know this number is hard to believe, but unless Topps is completely lying on the odds for Collector boxes there are just not that many of these to be had. Get yours when you see it!

Red/Character Back Card: 41,000 packs / 1 odds = 41,000 total / 220 = 186 of each card made.

Silver Border Card: 92,000 packs / 24 odds = 3833 total / 220 = 17 of each Silver border made.

Green Border Card: 577,000 Packs / 1 = 577,000 total / 220 = 2622 of each Green Border

Black Border: 669,000 Packs / 2 = 334,500 total / 220 = 1520 of each Black border

Famous Movie Scene: 669,000 Packs / 4 odds = 167,250 total / 15 = 11,150 of each

Horror Film: 669,000 Packs / 8 odds = 83,625 / 5 = 16,725 of each

Super Fan Tattoo: 669,000 Packs / 12 odds = 55,750 / 5 = 11,150 of each

Interesting numbers I think. I was shocked to see how some of the numbers came out. Now don’t take these numbers as gospel because like I’ve stated some guesswork and assumptions had to be used. But I think these general numbers are close to what’s really out there. I’d love to hear your comments on the numbers, and the method I used. If I’m off anywhere please let me know!

Finally, can we figure out how man base cards were made? Not exactly, but I’ll make a guess. Collector packs have 3 base cards, unless a thick card is in the pack. Hobby/Retail have 8 or 9 base cards depending on number of inserts in the pack. Because of this, even using my rounded guesswork numbers its still not really possible. Let’s see what we come up with anyway. I’m going to use 8.75 base cards per Hobby/Retail pack and 3 base cards per Collector pack for my numbers.

Base Cards: 41,000 Collector Packs x 3 cards per pack = 123,000 Base + (628,000 Hobby/Retail packs x 8.75 cards per pack) = 5,618,000 Base / 220 = Approx. 25,536 of each base card made.

Plenty of sets to go around!

30th Anniversary Garbage Pail Kids Set Explained

Thanks to GPK Collector Ke We for the Checkilist picture!

Last Updated 7/17/15 @ 23:20

Topps decided to throw everything and the kitchen sink at the 30th Anniversary set this time around. Not only is there a record number of insert and parallel sets, but Topps decided to completely change the numbering for the base set. The base set is basically made up of individually numbered subsets. So, when searching ebay for your favorite character don’t use just the number, 1a will get you every 1a card for each subset. Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

  • Base Set – 220 total cards, made of up 12 different subsets.
    • Title Card/Checklist Subset (2a/b – 4 Total Cards)
    • Adam Bomb’s “Don’t Push My Button!” Subset (10a/b – 20 Total Cards)
    • Artistic Influence Subset (10a/b – 20 Total Cards)
    • Artistic Interpretations Subset (5a/b – 10 Total Cards)
    • Comic Book Covers Subset (7a/b – 14 Total Cards)
    • Cutting Room Floor Subset (5a/b – 10 Total Cards)
    • Lost Alternate Art Subset (6a/b – 12 Total Cards)
    • Zoom-Out Subset (10a/b – 20 Total Cards)
    • 80s Spoof Subset (25a/b – 50 Total Cards)
    • Garbage Pail Pets Subset (10a/b – 20 Total Cards)
    • Garbage Pail Presidents Subset (10a/b – 20 Total Cards)
    • Garbage Pail Kids’ Kids Subset (10a/b – 20 Total Cards)
  • Parallel Sets – Same exact cards from the Base set, except with a different color border or back.
    • Black Border – 1:4 – Retail/Hobby/Collector (220 Total Cards)
    • Silver Border – 1:48 – Hobby/Collector (220 Total Cards)
    • Gold Border – 1:72 – Retail/Hobby/Collector (220 Total Cards)
    • Green Border – 1:2 – Retail (220 Total Cards)
    • Poop-allel (Brown) Border – 1:12 – Retail Gravity Feed (220 Total Cards)
    • Foil Card – 1:Wal-Mart Blister (2 Total Cards)
    • Blue Border – 1:Wal-Mart Blister (220 Total Cards)
    • Blue Border Blue Character Back – 1:21 Wal-Mart Blister (220 Total Cards)
    • Metallic Red Border – 1:2 – Collector (220 Total Cards)
    • Character Back – 1:2 – Collector (220 Total Cards)
    • Pink Border – 1:48 – Collector (220 Total Cards)
    • Sepia Border – 1:48 – Collector (220 Total Cards)
    • Printing Plates – 1:1516 – Retail/Hobby/Collector (880 Total Cards – 4 Per Base Card)
  • Insert Sets – These are all the various subsets Topps created for the 30th Anniversary set.
    • Famous Movie Scene – 1:4 – Retail/Hobby/Collector (15 Total Cards)
    • Horror Film – 1:8 – Retail/Hobby/Collector (5 Total Cards)
    • Super Fan Tattoo – 1:12 – Retail/Hobby/Collector (5 Total Cards)
    • Foreign Legion – 1:24 – Hobby/Collector (10 Total Cards)
    • Blaster Box 1986 Poster Set Reprint – 1 Per Blaster Box (18 Total Cards)
    • Jumbo Pack 1986 Giant Series 2 Reprint – 1 per Jumbo Pack (15 Total Cards)
    • Sketch Card – 1:288 – Retail (21 Artists/Unknown Total Sketches)
    • Die-Cut Sketch – 1:237 Hobby 1:144 – Collector (21 Artists/500 Total Sketches)
    • Loaded Sketch – 1:831 – Collector (10 Artists/Unknown Total Sketches)
    • Panoramic Sketch Cards – ??:?? – Retail Blaster Box (11 Artists/Unknown Total Sketches)
    • Autograph Card – 1:288 Retail, 1:96 Collector, 1:244 Hobby (16 Total Artists/3000 Total Autos)
    • Duel Autograph – 1:1017 – Collector (4 Total Csrds)
    • Triple Autograph – 1:2712 – Collector (3 Total Cards)
    • Artist Relic – 1:28 – Collector (4 Total Cards)
    • Celebrity Relic – Unknown Odds – Collector (1 Total Card)
    • i Mitici Sgorbions Stamp Relic – 1:115 – Collector (384 Total 1/1 Cards)
    • Manufactured Medallion Card – 1:92 – Collector (6 Total Cards)
    • Autographed Pen Relic – 1:2543 – Collector (19 Total 1/1 Cards)
    • Barf Bags – 1:Collector Box – (10 Total Cards)
    • Stamped Buyback – 1:?? Retail 1:24 Hobby/Collector (Unknown # of Total Cards. None found in retail to date.)
    • C-Named Short Prints – 1:100 – Retail/Hobby/Collector (Sell Sheet says 10 Total Cards. None found to date.)

I’ll continue to update this post as information comes in including Hobby pack odds.

Blue Borders/Foil Cards in Wal-Mart 30th GPK Packs

walmartThe rumors are true. Thanks to GPK collectors Robert Smith and Raymond Ledesma who were some of the first to spot these special retail packs found only in Wal-Mart Stores. The packs come with 3 retail packs and 2 special cards. You will get 1 of 2 special foil parallels of either Trekkie Travis or Loony Leonard. You also will get a special blue border parallel card found outside the packs like the foil cards. It appears the Blue Borders come in all 220 base cards.

The odds on the back of the cardboard mention a special Blue Border “Character Back”. Are they referring to the blue borders found in the pack and just label it wrong, or does it mean there is yet another Blue Border Character Back waiting to be found? I’ll update this article should more information become available.

Thanks for GPK collector Nick Bulblitz for the confirmation. There are also Blue Adam Bomb Character Back Blue Border parallels inserted 1:21 in the Wal-Mart packs. These will be tough finds.

blueborder odds

How Many 30th GPK Cards Were Produced?

So how many cards did Topps produce on the 30th Anniversary set? That question is never easy or straight forward to solve. In order to attempt to solve this riddle we need to look very closely at the clues in both the odds and the sell sheet. Some things to keep in mind for this post. 1) Topps doesn’t want the public to know exactly how much of each card was made. Why? No idea really, I think its dumb, but historically Topps only provides enough information to get close. 2) We need to make some assumptions. Those assumptions will be based on the clues we have, but still some guessing has to happen. 3) The odds never quite seem to come out completely equal. However we can round and get pretty close to how much was produced. 4) Topps changes what is printed from what the sell sheet says all the time. This will throw off all our numbers. 5) Keep in mind Topps historically holds back 5% of the print run to cover missing hits, damaged cards, and their No Purchase Necessary program. These numbers would include that 5%. With all that in mind let’s get started…(Warning lots of math coming up. If you don’t want to hear about the process skip to the bottom for the answer sheet!)

collectoroddsThe first bit of info I want to know is how many cases/boxes/packs did Topps create for Hobby/Collector/Retail. We need to figure out how many packs Topps made for the entire print run. The only want to determine that is to look at the odds that all 3 pack types share that are the same. There are only two; Printing Plates 1:1516 and Gold Borders 1:72. We know there are 880 total Printing Plates in the set, 220 base cards X 4 Plates per card. (Or do we? The sell sheet is very confusing on this. It states “more than 540” plates which makes no sense unless they held a bunch of plates back. The sell sheet also alludes to the plates being from the “base set + inserts”. In that case there could be 980 plates, Base plus the 3 regular insert sets, but how about the other insert sets? There could be a ton of plates in this set depending on what Topps decided to do. Until other plates show up I’m going with 880 plates as our first assumption! You’ll see why in a bit.)

So if we go with 880 plates we have 880 X 758 = 667,040 Total Packs in the print run.

Wait a minute you say, “why did you use 758 when the odds are 1:1516.” Because the odds aren’t right, that’s why! (Assumption #2. Topps not only decided to confuse us on the numbering of the base set, but also on the odds. I believe the odds for the parallels are doubled from what is actual, here’s why. In looking at the pack odds closely is says “Base Sticker Parallels (A OR B):” Notice the “:” then goes on the have black, silver, gold, printing plate separated by “,”. Then there is a “;” before going on with the rest of the odds. I believe Topps is saying the odds of getting a Black Border are 1:4 for A OR B. Which really means 1:2 overall A AND B combined. This has to be true because all the parallels are falling at exactly half the pack odds in Retail, Hobby, and Collectors. Therefore I believe true printing plate odds are 1:758.

Let’s look at Gold Borders next. The odds on those is 1:72 across all three. We know there are 85 Gold Borders of each card made. (Assumption #3 here. I’m going to assume there are Gold Borders of only the base set. This is how Topps has been doing it for the last few series, and seems reasonable.)

So 220 Base Cards X 85 Each = 18,700 Total Gold cards in the run X 36 = 673,200 total packs in the print run. Pretty darn close to the plate pack numbers. That’s why I’m comfortable going with 880 printing plates made. (Now this whole thing can be royally screwed up if Printing Plates and/or Gold cards of something other than Base cards shows up. If that happens, just ignore this whole article.)

So we are going to go with 670,000 total packs in the print run. That’s in between the number above. Now let’s try to figure out how many packs from each Retail/Hobby/Collectors. Collector’s is the easiest to find out. We just need to look at the odds for things that are only found in Collector Boxes. Let’s start with Duel Autos. According to the sell sheet there are 40 total, with odds of 1:1017.

So 40 X 1017 = 40680 Total Collectors Packs.

Let’s check with some other Collector only items.

15 Total Triple Autos X 2712 Odds = 40680 Total Collectors Packs. Look at that a match!
450 Total Medallions x 92 Odds – 41400 Total Collectors Packs. Ugh that’s close but off.
384 Total Italian Stamps X 115 Odds = 44160 Total Collectors Packs. Even more off.
19 Total Pen Relics X 2543 Odds = 48317 Total Collectors Packs. Getting Colder…

So why don’t the numbers add up? Who knows? As I mentioned above the odds seldom add up exact. Topps could have changed the amount of cards made for the items above from what they said on the sell sheet. It happens all the time, and by the looks of things they may have removed “C” names this time. I’m going to go with 41,000 Total Collectors Packs.

Now let’s move to Hobby packs. We can figure out Hobby packs by looking at something only Hobby and Collector packs have, Die-Cut Sketches. The Sell Sheet says there are 500 total Die-Cut Sketches inserted in Hobby/Collectors boxes.

So 41000 Collector Packs / 144 Odds = 285 Total Die-Cut Sketches in Collector Boxes
500 – 285 = 215 Total Die-Cut Sketches in Hobby Packs
215 X 237 Hobby Odds = 50955 Total Hobby Packs, let’s just call that 51,000.

Moving onto Retail. The only other thing that Retail shares with Hobby/Collector packs that we know how many total cards is autographs. The sell sheet says there are 3000 total autographs.

41000 Collector Packs / 96 Odds = 427 Total Autos in Collector Packs
51000 Hobby Packs / 244 Odds = 209 Total Autos in Hobby Packs
3000 – 427 – 209 = 2364 Total Autos in Retail Packs
2364 X 244 Retail Odds = 576816 Total Retail Packs (This number means total 10 card packs. Which won’t be correct because some retail will be made of Jumbo packs, but the total number of autos in Retail would remain the same.

So we have 577,000 Retail Packs + 51,000 Hobby Packs + 41,000 Collector Packs = 669,000 Packs. That is darn close to what we came up when using Plate and Gold odds.

Here is what I believe to be the pack/box/case numbers for Hobby and Collector.

Hobby – 51,000 Hobby Packs or 2125 Hobby Boxes or 265 Hobby Cases
Collector – 41,000 Collector Packs or 1708 Collector Boxes or 231 Collector Cases

(Again I could be way off, lots of assumptions I mentioned above coupled with my minimal math skills, could mean bad news for my numbers. But I think these are a pretty good guess.)

What’s interesting about these numbers? I don’t think very much Hobby/Collector was printed. These could dry up within a few months. Retail? They printed a ton of it! It will be on store shelves for years.

Let me know what you think in the comments section.

New Garbage Pail Kids Binders Incoming?

Thanks to GPK collectors GGG and Keith Liddell they uncovered some interesting information on the website of one of the new artists for the GPK 30th set. Miran Kim who created the Trekkie Travis/Loony Leonard card for the 30th set also has another GPK painting on their site, There is a painting for an unreleased GPK, “Marie Baguette”. In the caption it says, This is a sticker for Garbage Pail Kids 30th anniversary set and will be available at “ only”, there is A and B versions each sold with the two different versions of the “GPK 30th binder”. Release date is coming soon.” So does this mean we have new GPK binders incoming at 

Marie Baguette

The website also mentioned under the Trekkie Travis card that there is a foil version available in special Wal-Mart packs of the 30th Garbage Pail Kids set. Has anyone spotted anything in Wal-Mart?

Topps Offering Limited 5 X 7 Character Sets at SDCC

San Diego Comic Con opened to the public today, and there is a special Garbage Pail Kids offering. Topps previously released info about this set prior to the con, but the release was gauge and confusing. It would appear Topps is offering 5 different characters that each come in 10 card Foreign Legion sets. The characters offered are Adam Bomb, Ash Can Andy, Potty Scotty, Nasty Nick, and New Wave Dave. For $20 per character you will get 10 cards of that character is a different foreign language. So the complete 50 card set will set you back $100. The cards measure 5 X 7, are limited to 400 of each character, and can be found at the Atomic Toybox booth on the show floor. Can anyone hook a brother up?


Jumbo Pack Retail Odds for GPK 30th Set

Thanks to GPK collector Joey Robergelund who was the first to post a image of the Jumbo pack odds. You’ll find these packs in your local Target. Quite a bit of difference on the odds. You’ll notice the odds are 1/2 on everything compared to all the other packs. Since these Jumbo packs contain 21 cards, I believe Topps is considering them as 2 regular packs. Therefore, the odds are in half. You end up spending the same for the same odds basically. You will also see the Retail “bonus” cards are expanded this year. In each Jumbo pack comes a reprint from the 1986 Giant Series 2, a total of 15 cards. In the Blaster boxes the “bonus” card is a reprint from the 1986 Poster Set, a total of 18 cards.


Black 1:2
Gold 1:36
Printing Plate 1:758
Famous Movie Scene 1:2
Horror Movie 1:4
Super Fan Tattoo 1:6
Sketch Card 1:144
Autograph Card 1:122

Hobby Pack Odds for 30th Anniversary GPK Set

Thanks to GPK collector, Bruce Van Tilburg, who supplied me with the Hobby Pack odds below. Looking at the odds no real surprises with Hobby odds. Once again it looks like Topps doubled the odds on the packs for some parallels. Also no mention of “C” cards in the odds.


Black 1:4
Silver 1:48
Gold 1:72
Printing Plate 1:1516
Foreign Legion 1:24
Famous Movie Scene 1:4
Horror Movie 1:8
Super Fan Tattoo 1:12
Die-Cut Sketch 1:237
Autograph 1:244
Stamped Buyback 1:24

Collector’s Pack Odds for GPK 30th Set

Chad via eBay (kuhawk913) was nice enough to share the odds from the new Collector’s boxes for the 30th Anniversary Garbage Pail Kids set. Some things of note; The odds for the Parallels (Silver, Red, Pink, Sepia, and Character Back) are all twice as high as what’s on the sell sheet. Despite that Chad said the Red’s and Character Backs did fall one per pack, while the Silver, Pink, and Sepia’s also fell one per box. Also the Artist Relic set is larger than what was mentioned on the sell sheet as Chad pulled 5 different from his two cases.


Black 1:4
Silver 1:48
Gold 1:72
Metallic Red 1:2
Pink 1:48
Sepia 1:48
Printing Plate 1:1516
Character Back 1:2
Foreign Legion 1:24
Famous Movie Scene 1:4
Horror Movie 1:8
Super Fan Tattoo 1:12
Die-Cut Sketch 1:144
Loaded Sketch Card 1:831
Autograph Card 1:96
Dual Autograph 1:1017
Triple Autograph 1:2712
Autograph Pen Relic: 1:2543
Manufactured Medallion Card 1:92
i Mitici Sgorbions Relic 1:115
Artist Relic 1:28
Stamped Buyback 1:24

The official release date for the 30th set is 7/8, so more should be showing up soon. Be sure to check out what Chad pulled from his two cases!